Can you walk Romantically and safely in Amsterdam?

walking-amsterdamIn Chinese the expression “Qian Shou”, meaning hand-in-hand , often refers to married couples, is a metaphor of the true meaning of conjugal life. It means no matter what, my other half and I will go forward hand-in-hand. I love walking hand in hand with my babe: we keep contact, one guides the other when deciding direction.

It’s pretty common knowledge that getting outside in the open air allows us to find a focus and puts things into perspective. Walking is said to activate our sense of awe and wonder and heightens our sensibility to nature. Walking gives back to our senses, we smell, hear and see anew. Needless to say as a result it’s a pretty popular activity in a city like Amsterdam. Very popular in fact, with couples in the city. In the small cobbled streets, nestled between historic buildings and protected canals, you are bound to find couples strolling hand in hand around this magical city. Whether it’s an early morning brisk walk or a after dinner meander, we like to think that Amsterdam is the perfect host.

“It’s okay to get lost every once in awhile, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves.” – Robert Tew. Amsterdam as a city is very easy to get lost in, but lost in the best sense of the word. It’s a city where wandering is a almost a national sport! It’s very easy to find yourself wandering next to a canal at one point and then ending up in a completely different place from where you started, both on your physical and emotional journey. Its manageable size means it’s not difficult to see a lot of the city by foot. Although, don’t let this scare you. Wherever you end up, it’s always easy to find your way back, with landmarks and signage posted throughout the city as well as friendly Dutch always willing to give directions!

We often get asked whether it’s a safe city to walk around in, and the answer is: YES! Obviously, like in any major city it goes without saying that some areas are safer than others, and it’s never a bad thing to have your wits about you. As a whole though, Amsterdam is considered a safe city. I recommend moseying around the small connecting streets, where foot traffic is most prominent and you only really need to look out for the occasional bike. Although, they too look out for you so don’t be alarmed if there is a bike headed in your direction!

In order to find out more about Romantic Amsterdam and walking in the city have a look at the website and download my Romantic Guide for couples visiting Amsterdam for free! 

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