Show Your Love: Stefania and Tim

stefania and Tim


I’ve started a brand new blog interview-series called Show your Love.

I’ll be interviewing couples on a weekly basis. What do couples do in this romantic city of Amsterdam? What tips and advice do they have for you? Come back for a new interview every tuesday and be inspired to Show your Love!

As the founder of Romantic Amsterdam I am happy to kick it off with a “self-interview” together with my partner Tim.

1. Where are you originally from?

Stefania: I am from Naples, south of Italy. I moved to Amsterdam for work 15 years ago and loved it from day one; after 6 years I met the love of my life, Tim, and stayed (I was supposed to move to London… )

Tim: I am from the Dutch city of Utrecht, but have been living in Amsterdam for over 22 years now.

2. What do you like about Amsterdam?

Stefania: I fell in love with this city because it is quiet, safe …and romantic of course!! I love Amsterdam’s architecture, the canals and the parks. Amsterdam in many ways is like a village: small, layed back. It is so easy to go around by bike here, and at the same time it has all the perks of a city. It’s always buzzing and very internationally oriented with so many good restaurants from all over the world. And it’s where Tim and I met of course!

Tim: I love Amsterdam because it’s a world on its own. You are never more then 15 minutes away from anything by bike. There’s always a wide range of things to do and for any mood I am in. If I need crowds and excitement I go to the squares. If I am in the mood for peace and quiet I go to one of the many parks.

3. How long have you been together for?

Stefania & Tim: for 9 ½ years. It will be 10 in February 2016

4. What romantic tips and advice do you have for couples visiting Amsterdam?

Stefania: ‘Get lost’ (I mean literally!!!) for example in the Jordaan district. Take small streets and stroll hand in hand, and enjoy the charm of this lovely neighbourhood.

Tim: Get a basket with a blanket, 2 glasses, some drinks and snacks and have a picnic in one of the many parks of the city. That’s the good life!

Stefania & Tim: Rent a bike and cycle hand in hand (but be careful :)) around the city. Go along the Amstel river towards the village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. You can start from Waterlooplein.

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