Romantic Bars in the City!

It’s January, which tends to mean people are feeling the post holiday blues. But I think differently.. A new year brings new promise, new romantic adventures and a fresh perspective! I look forward to love filled year and want you and your loved one to too!

I therefore, thought I would start the year with a blog about fun bars to go with your loved one. Thats right, slightly controversial… especially for all those doing dry January! But those like me who like to go against the grain and want to live life to the fullest, here it is. Here’s a fun post on where to take your loved one for a romantic date, filled with fun cocktails and more!

Amsterdam’s bar scene is booming. It’s the constantly changing, ever growing, heartbeat of this romantic city. On every corner, if it’s not a new restaurant, it’s a new bar, that’s essentially a guarantee. And like any bar scene there’s always a variation, whether you want wines galore or are a bit of a gin lover like me, Amsterdam’s got it!

Mentioning Gin means I have to mention Door 74, one of Amsterdam’s coolest speakeasies. The requisite hidden door of this gem leads into a sophisticated bar, decorated to a T. with antique barware, tin ceilings and a all round cool atmosphere, this place is perfect for a chic date with your loved one. On top of all of that you can find yourself getting giddy on some of the best gin and tonics in town!

Another personal favourite of mine is Vesper Bar, with a slightly different vibe than Door 74, this cozy bar is located in arguably one of the most romantic areas in the city, the Jordaan. It has friendly staff and serves a hefty menu of cocktails, from whiskey to rum, and everything in between. It’s a great spot to get close to your loved one, with great lighting a simple quirky decor. It’s definitely a high scorer in our books!

With so much to chose from it can sometimes be overwhelming finding a spot that you want to go on a date in Amsterdam. So a handy tip for you, when you come, is to download the mobile app Foursquare. The app allows you to type in what you want to do, eat or drink nearby. It helps filter options based on price, atmosphere or relevance and gives restaurants, sights and bars a rating based on locals and other visitors. I can almost always recommend anywhere with an above 9. Rating!

Hope you liked my advise and if you are interested in finding out anymore or have any questions please email


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