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It’s a cold night out and the streets are dimly lit, winter approaches and all you want to do is is tuck into a cozy restaurant for a romantic dinner with your loved one. There’s not many cities that accommodate you better. The small streets of Amsterdam house a plethora of cuisines, from Italian to middle-eastern and everything inbetween.

Let’s give you a picture of what it’s like…

The moment you walk through the door you feel the warm atmosphere envelope you. The candles are lit, creating a pleasant glow. You sit down at your table and immediately you’re in your own little euphoric world. Nothing but you and your loved one sitting opposite you. A bottle of wine is served and one glass in you immediately feel fuzzy inside. Your senses heighten and the love shared between you and your significant other is elevated. The evening’s dishes arrive course by course, tingling your taste buds and you can’t imagine anything better. As the night progresses you start to realise that this is one of those nights you’ll never forget. THIS. This is what happens when you dine in Amsterdam.

Sound good?

One of Amsterdam’s best qualities is its love affair with food. It’s a dine-out kind of city, whether a weekday or weekend, Amsterdammers always find an excuse enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones. The restaurant’s here understand the art of food and the dining experience. What’s best though, is that they do it in an understated and casual way. You’ll find that many restaurants here work on a first come first serve bases, allowing for a spontaneous evening where you can just see where the night takes you.

In Amsterdam you can find somewhere to eat, almost everywhere. But there are some areas which are our favourites…There are areas which are more known for dining out, such as the Pijp and the Jordaan. In this slightly more local part of Amsterdam, situated just south of the center… you’ll find the streets covered in new hip spots all trying to outdo one another. There are smaller streets where you can find romantic nook like restaurants where you can have a quiet meal, and in the bigger streets you are bound to find busier restaurants where you’re forced to sit snuggled up close on a bench together through lack of any other option. In any case you are always going to find a place to enjoy with your loved one.

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