Is the Red Light District the real deal?

I cycle through the Red Light District & I smell American chocolate chip cookies, Italian Nutella, weed & car gases…. it’s only 11 in the morning and this neighbourhood is already full of people walking, cycling, driving, eating, drinking, smoking, looking around…
A tourist on the bike almost crashes into a car coming from the right… nothing happens luckily, a sorry and a smile and everyone goes their own way. That’s the vibe in this city. Peace … and love. Even in the RLD, better known by locals as ‘De Wallen’ (the walls). The heart of Amsterdam. The oldest part of the city, full of history and memories. There are soooo many gems and secrets to uncover, here. But is this area nowadays the real deal? Does it represent Amsterdam at its best? Well, in my opinion the RLD is only one face of a prismatic city. Because there is much more to it than sex, drugs, rock and roll and chain fast food shops. And for sure this is not the neighbourhood that stole my heart 17 years ago, when I decided to become a resident and stopped being a vagabond 😃

Don’t get me wrong, I love this city sooooo much! Red Light District and all! But I find it a shame that visitors just stop here and don’t look further. That’s why I have decided to go on a mission: I want YOU to be different than the average tourist who comes here. I want you to experience and know ALL of Amsterdam neighbourhoods at its best, using 5 senses. I want you to go to Dam square, then visit the RLD and say: “Enough of it. It’s time to discover the rest. The more. The ALL of it. I want to fall in love with this city forever!”

So here I am. Let me take you by hand to smell, taste, see, listen and touch Amsterdam. And fall in love with her. Would you like to follow me in this journey? If so, please let me and everybody else know by commenting YES and sharing this post.

With True Love from Romantic Amsterdam.



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