Want to know how to fight winter blues?


Brrrr… I went out for a jog this morning and it was COOOLD! Today’s temperature here in Amsterdam is about 5 degrees. A couple of days ago we even had snow coming down: first winter snow is a great experience! (Click here to see a video I took yesterday from my B&B).

Wouldn’t you feel like staying home all day, reading a book on the couch under a warm blanket and having a warm cup of tea? Well, I do… But I want to fight the winter blues, and want to feel like spring instead.

In fact days get longer and longer, and even if the air is chillier these days, and the shadow of a faraway sun hides behind the clouds, spring is getting closer: yes, I promise!

What do you do to feel like spring on cold winter days? I go for a bike ride of course! I’m always happy when I’m on my bike, especially when accompanied by good music. Would you like to get on the bike with me and tour the city? Well, you can now! Because I mounted a camera on the bell of my bike and made a little film. It’s my first one guys, so please forgive the roughness…

Click here to ride the bike in Amsterdam with me

After you’ve watched (link below) tell me:

How do you fight the winter blues? Please share your ideas with all of us in the comment below.

What would you like to see of Amsterdam in my next film? This blog is for you: you choose!

Please comment below with your answer. And share with your friends! Let everybody see how beautiful this city is, even on winter days.

From Amsterdam with love – Stefania

Click here to ride the bike in Amsterdam

Stephi in bici

One Response to Want to know how to fight winter blues?

  1. Elfriede 16 March 2016 at 12:45 #

    thank you for your blog!

    Actually, I’m not fighting winter blues so much. I kind of like that there are different seasons, and the mood changes over time.

    I’d like to know what nice places are to go and have a cup of coffie… (which is I guess my favorite way to fight any kind of blues :-))

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