Parks in Amsterdam

Now if spending your money on a fancy meal isn’t your thing or if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, why not just head to the park? It sounds pretty simple. And it is. You could even say ‘it’s a walk in the park…’ But don’t be deceived the parks in Amsterdam can be quite magical places. With great big elms lining the large winding paths and huge luscious lawns leading into ponds filled with ducklings. Most of which are surrounded by lifelike weeping willows. The parks here, are quite a sight for sore eyes. Definitely a place I recommend going, whether with your loved one or merely to take in the gorgeous surroundings alone.

What’s there to do in the park you ask? I get this question a lot, and lucky for you I have a bunch of ideas to share and helpful guidelines! In Amsterdam, there’s a bunch of parks to choose from.. Whether big or small, quiet or activity full, Amsterdam has them all.

Vondel is one of Amsterdam’s biggest, they offer activities, art and even festivals at certain times of the year. All of which tend to be at a relatively low cost, or even for free. These parks are a great place to take your loved one for a stroll or bike ride. It’s a great place to comfortably practice riding a bike, in a relaxed environment. Opposite to the sometimes too busy streets, where biking can be a bit more of a nerve wrecking experience. In the parks of Amsterdam, you and your loved ones can comfortably bike around taking in the sights. In the parks such as Vondel, you never know what fun surprise is hiding round the corner. They are full of life and activity and are all in all a fun place to be at all times of the year, day and night!

The smaller parks such as Oosterpark can be a place for a stroll, these parks tend to be open after sunset. One of my favourites is Rembrandt Park, just around the corner of my house: I often go for an evening walk in this park, when possible at sunset, with my love. I suggest taking a blanket, parking out on an open space, one with a good view of the sundown and watch the sky turn from sunset to stars. Remember something to sip – Hot chocolate, iced tea (maybe with a little somethin’ extra). Don’t forget a lamp (or use your mobile). But like any park, be warned you don’t want to stay there too late at night!

In general the parks in Amsterdam are a safe place, just like the rest of the city. They are full of life and activity and romance is always in the air. If you fancy more tips on life in Amsterdam, like my facebook page

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