Hearts Street: my favourite of the Nine Streets in Amsterdam

You might have heard that in the heart of Amsterdam’s canals district there is a shopping area called the Nine Streets. This charming little neighbourhood is named after the 9 side streets connecting the 4 main canals of the city (see picture). Here you can find designers boutiques, vintage shops, art galleries, gift shops, bars, cafe`, restaurants and many other unique shops.

Map Nine Streets Hartenstraat

I love walking or cycling along these streets. That’s the reason why I chose to have my office right on the corner with the Hartenstraat, my favourite one of the 9. The name means ‘Hearts streets’, it couldn’t have a better name 😉 Here you can find 2 of my favourite restaurants: Quattro gatti (Italian) and Purna (Indian). I love these 2 restaurants because they both offer authentic food. Every time I go home after having dinner in one of these restaurants it feels like I’m coming back from a trip to Italy or India. The atmosphere, the flavours,  it is all so authentic! That’s food that makes me DamHappy 😉


They recently filmed a Dutch RomCom in this street. Title: Hartenstraat! Many scenes were filmed at Quattro Gatti. If you want to see a glimpse of this street and practice your Dutch, watch the trailer here.

Here you can find an interactive map of these lovely streets: hover over text to get more info about the shops.

I will write more about streets of Amsterdam in my next posts. FUNNY STATS: There are a bit less than 5000 street in the city, here is the full list. If I write about 1 street every 4 weeks I need about 400 years to finish them all… Considering that I count on writing this blog for at least 20 years from now, given 52 weeks in a year, with an average of 13 streets a year, I can write about 260 streets of Amsterdam in total… only the most interesting ones. Promise!

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