7 tips to romantic without being cheesy

Love makes happy. That’s a fact. Amsterdam made me fall in love twice: first with the city then with my partner, Tim. If you ask him, I am not the most romantic woman on earth. At least not according to the traditional meaning of the word. But that’s mostly because I cringe at the idea of being cheesy. I am very affectionate though, and I can’t help but show my love for him. I believe letting your partner know you love them, and that you are there for them is the key to a happy relationship. But what makes something romantic, and what makes it cheesy? What kind of gestures could make your partner roll their eyes and what gets them all a flutter in their heart?il_fullxfull.85349551

If you want to be romantic and build up great memories to make your relationship special, without the risk of being corny, here are some useful tips:

1)   Be selfless: do something special and unexpected for your sweeter half that would put a smile on their face. It might be something you totally hate doing, like ironing or cooking, but you know the other person totally loves. Giving your girlfriend, the last game station because YOU love playing games, is far from romantic. Same if you present your husband with a cookbook, when he clearly hates cooking.

2)   Stay connecteRomantic-dinnerd: talk about your feelings. Make time for the 2 of you alone, sit together on a regular basis and talk with each other: likes and dislikes, dreams, how was the day, remember when you two met and remind yourselves how important you are to each other. Cherish this quality time spent talking over a glass of wine on the couch (make sure TV and mobiles switched off and please, do not talk extensively about your ex!)

3)   Go away together: if you both are leading busy lives, go away on a holiday or a quick getaway several times per year to revive the togetherness and the romance. Isolate yourself from the world in order to realize how special both of you are to each other. Discover new places together and build up memories that will make your union stronger. Choose a romantic destination.  I would avoid crowded tourist places like Kuta Beach in Bali, packed with backpackers, hawkers and noisy motorbikes… even if with the right partner and a spirit for adventure, almost anywhere can be romantic.

picnic vondel park Amsterdam

4)   Create memories to last: as time passes by we forget the special moments we had with our partner. Take pictures, write diaries, make short films of the moments you spent together. It’s so easy with a smartphone nowadays. If you have the talent for it, compose poems or songs on special occasions. Those documented memories will be handy in the future, when you want to surprise your partner for a special occasion as a birthday or anniversary. Beware of excessive, compulsive obsessive smartphone use: it can turn us into selfish, non-empathetic individuals who are only worried about how many ‘likes’ they get or how many times their tweets are re-tweeted.

10815753_10152869232642930_785473555_n5)   Show your affection with hugs and kisses: have you ever felt an overwhelming rush of affection for your partner? Well, act on it! Surprise them with a kiss or a hug when they least expect it: let them ‘touch’ and see how much love you feel for them. There is nothing more romantic than saying ‘I love you’ with a kiss while embracing your partner and looking them into the eyes. If you choose to do it while they are at the stove make sure you don’t cause a kitchen fire!

6)   Make your love public: don’t hide your feelings. Let everybody know how much they are loved and how great your relationship is. If sending flowers to their work might be too much for them, just tell your and their friends how much you care for them. Do you realize how romantic it is to hear from someone else: you make such a great couple! He/she just can’t stop talking about how much you love each other! You might want to avoid going into details of course 😉

7)   Humour: laugh together, have fun, play! You can watch comedy on telly or go to live comedy shows and even better if it’s a show where the audience get to participate. Or you can just tease each other, run after one another to tickle, or gently fight with pillows in the bedroom. But Pillow FIghtmake sure to be far away from expensive China!

Now I’m curious… What romantic gestures have you adopted and were successful, so much that you absolutely would recommend to try? Or maybe you have a funny story of when romance turned cheesy?

Share it with me in the comment box below. What tips, suggestions and experience do you have with romantic gestures? If you find this blog inspiring, please SHARE it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pin or reTweet it with the click of the button below the post, so others could benefit from it.

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