The Aperitivo comes to town…

Well hello reader,

Aisling MulderFirst, let me introduce myself a little bit. They call me Aisling a.k.a Amazing Aisling. I am 22 years old and studying at Hotelschool The Hague, location Amsterdam.

Currently, I am in the final stage before graduating and I need to do research for my thesis. I am conducting this research for Stephi in order to help her with her new concept called Romantic Amsterdam.


On Sunday 22nd March Stephi held her first aperitivo for expat couples in Amsterdam. It was a nice evening with delicious food and nice company. The invited couples had no idea what the evening would bring (except that it had something to do with romance). There were puzzled faces everywhere.

What was the reason for the event? Stephi believes that Amsterdam is the Most Romantic City in the whole world and her mission is to prove that to the world.

The idea is for couples to fall in love with Amsterdam and to fall in love with each other over and over again. How? By organizing a Treasure Hunt with different activities and memorable experiences at different locations around the city. But what exactly? That will stay a surprise… Just think of it as an unforgettable afternoon where all your 5 senses will be triggered in 5 different stages. Couples will be pampered for a day, but most importantly of all it will relight your flame as a couple in the beautiful city Amsterdam. After all, all you need is love… and Amsterdam.
20150426-0188A month later, on 27th April there was a special edition called the Royal Aperitivo. This event was especially organized for Kingsnight and all Kings and Queens of Stephi’s large circle of friends were invited. It was hosted at her beautiful office on Herengracht 247 and filled with delicious food, drinks, laughter and fun. The Polaroid camera was a real hit! People loved the small cute photos that were taken and the props were just amazing! This time, Stephi wanted to tell her friends about Romantic Amsterdam and let them know what her mission is: to make of Amsterdam the Ultimate Romantic City! As a little incentive, a contest was launched where people could win a treasure hunt or tickets to the next aperitivo. Guests were invited to post a romantic photo of Amsterdam and write: Romantic Amsterdam is… and say why that place/photo was romantic to them. The more likes and shares they got, the more chances of winning!

At the end of the evening all queens and kings of the party moved to the boats for a lovely romantic night tour of the city: what a great night!!!


See you at the next aperitivo on the 24th May. Can’t wait!

Bye for now.


Love, Aisling a.k.a Amazing Aisling

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